Watch Your Back Hot Knives! t-shirt
Watch Your Back Hot Knives! t-shirt

Hot Knives!

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Hands like HOT Knives... the legend of Lady Whirlwind

Badass doesn't begin to describe legend of martial arts, Angela Mao. In a genre of film dominated by men, she carved out a massive niche with her beauty, grace, intensity and raw power. She had a successful career as a Chinesa Opera actress, where her flexibility and martial arts first developed. She was discovered by film producer Raymond Chow who made her a star. Then, she trained in hapkido, and felt attracted to the new kung fu style, on demand by Hong Kong producers.

She played Bruce Lee's sister in Enter the Dragon (1973), and she also worked with Jackie Chan several times when he was a newcomer. She is best known for her role in the classic Lady Whirlwind. Mao retired from films in 1982 to devote herself to her family, but her legendary body of work speaks for itself.