Watch Your Back Any Given Al-Ahad t-shirt
Watch Your Back Any Given Al-Ahad t-shirt

Any Given Al-Ahad

Watch Your Back NYC

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Nope. No Super Bowl Shuffle here. Let's suffer through this one together.

So full disclosure, the idea for this shirt came about completely at random. I had been doing research for a project about conspiracy theories and a website came up that was disputing if 9/11 was an inside job etc. The article had been peppered with photos, and in scrolling I came across the core image depicted: a spirited anti-American street celebration after the unfolding of the events on 9/11. So the kid with the AK-47 on the dude's shoulders literally was wearing a #33 Chicago Bears jersey in the photo. My first reaction was: THOSE BASTARDS!! (it wasn't). My second was: Who in the hell was #33 for the Bears back then?

After that, as they say... the rest was history. And see, The Fats Boys are chillin' with him, because his nick name was The Refrigerator.