Watch Your Back Fig.4: The Leglock t-shirt
Watch Your Back Fig.4: The Leglock t-shirt

Fig. 4: The Leglock

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Thanks John for the warning, but what if I don't live with professional wrestlers? Or have a wrestling ring in my backyard?

If at any time you wish to be the toughest bastard on your block, then you should pay close attention here. For decades, the greatest mat technicians have flexed their signature maneuvers to the approval of their über-loyal, and mostly overweight fan faithful. The Figure 4 Leglock is a pretty standard issue one I feel. Sort of in the short list, 101 kind of thing. That being said, there were many wrestlers that absolutely buttered their bread with it: Ric Flair and Greg "The Hammer" Valentine come immediately to mind, but there's a host of them featured in this article from Bleacher Report in 2011.