Watch Your Back Public Enemy No.1 t-shirt
Watch Your Back Public Enemy No.1 t-shirt

Public No. 1

Watch Your Back NYC

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Nice guys finish where? Exactly.

Winning. Let's face it... that's all that ever matters. 

Billy Martin's antics off the field are almost as notorious and well-documented as the seismic meltdowns that defined him on the diamond. His on-and-off feud with bombastic owner George Steinbrenner and binge drinking with Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford are at the heart of New York Yankees' lore. 

Never one to leave any stone (or unassuming bases) unturned in his wake, Martin, along with legendary Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver, took the art of the shit fit to unprecedented heights in the viscously bitter AL pennant races of late 1970's. He was, without question, a Champion through and through; and one royal son-of-a-bitch.